PU125 Standard Cam Divider Cam Indexer

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Overview of PU Cam Indexer

  • Pu came indexer includes models of PU50DS, PU60DS, PU65DS, PU80DS, PU100DS, PU125DS, PU150DS, PU175DS, PU225DS, PU250DS, PU320DS are available.
  • Mechanism design of parallel conjugate cam.
  • Suitable for wheel belt drive with longer distance or intermittentindexing with longer residence time.
  • Three pieces of plate cams are available for heavy load type.

Description of PU Platform Conjugate Cam Indexer
The YOUNGDL PU series platform conjugate came indexer consists of two pieces of plate cams fixed on the input shaft and the output shaft of the roller tower driven by cam.

The PU type came indexer is designed with a parallel conjugate cam mechanism, that is to say, the function of the indexing of the output shaft is achieved by the operation that rotation of the two-piece plate cams engaged on the input shaft drives the roller turret to rotate. The YOUNGDL PU cam indexer is mostly idea for the rotational belt drive with longer distance or the intermittent indexing with longer dwell time. In addition, three-piece cam indexer is also provided by TQG which is more suitable for some fast and long pitch of rotational delivery and the dwell time is also longer than that of two-piece cam indexer.



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