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Gear Rack Wholesale

Common Specifications:
M1 10x10x2000; M1 15x15x2000; M1.5 17x17x2000; M2 20x20x2000; M2 M2.5 25x25x2000; M3 30x30x2000; M4 40x40x2000; M5 50x40x2000; M6 60x50x2000; M1 M1.5 17x17x1000; M1.5 M2 20x20x1000; M2 20x25x1000; M2 25x25x1000; M3 30x30x1000; M3 30x40x1000; M4 40x40x1000; M5 50x50x1000;
Sliding door gear rack:
M4 8X30X1005; M4 10X30X1005; M4 12X30X1005; M4 20X20X1005; M4 22X22X1005; M6 30X30X1005; M4 4Eyes Nylon 20X26X1005; M4 6Eyes Nylon 20X26X1018; M4 6Eyes Nylon 20X27X1018; M4 2Eyes Nylon 20X26X340;

Custom Gear Wheel

Customers need to provide models or drawings according to the our catalogue, and indicate the material and hardness requirements. We will quote according to the requirements, inform the production cycle and provide quality inspection reports.
Process flow: sawing->turning->hobbing teeth->shaving/scrapping teeth->drilling->quenching->grinding->internal grinding->external grinding->honing teeth->keyway

Plastic Welding Machine

Equipment For Plastic Welding Solutions:
ultrasonic welding machine; hot plate welding machine; hot riveting welding machine; servo welding machine; hot pressing hemming machine; bumper punching machine; robot flexible welding machine;
Molds Include: hot plate Welding molds; ultrasonic molds; hot riveting molds; vibration friction molds and various tooling.
Equipment Solutions For Car Lamp Manufacturers: riveting presses; airtight machines; CCD light shapers; pressing machines; dust collectors; work tables and other tooling.
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