Custom Bucket Elevator Chains


Product Features:

Material: carbon steel or Alloy with heat treatment / stainless steel (through harden/case harden/induction harden).
Surface treatment options: shot peening / zinc-plated / Dacromet / blacking / lubricating, ensuring resistance to rust.
Quality inspection: precision and hardness checks, pre-stretching after assembling.
Packaging: polybag+plywood case.
Application: suitable for use in sugar mills, cement mills, metallurgy, automobile industry, grain machines, mining machines, and more.
Custom product models are available.


Suitable for NE plate chain bucket elevators (NE15 / NE30 / NE50 / NE100 / NE150 / NE200 / NE300 / NE400 / NE500 / NE600 / NE800), as well as for bucket elevators used in cement, grain, powder, etc.

01. Long usage time, high-intensity structure, and resistance to damage.
02. High-temperature treatment to enhance physical properties and increase toughness.
03. Stable performance, good welding capabilities, simple structure, easy assembly, interchangeability, and convenient installation and maintenance.
Ordering Process:

01. Customers can provide drawings and detailed specifications or standard chain model numbers.
02. Quotations will be provided within 0-48 hours.
03. Upon price confirmation, approval drawings, including assembly drawings and part drawings, will be provided.
04. Customers will sign the drawings, and we will arrange the contract and issue a proforma invoice.
05. Logistics assistance is available.
Additional Services:

We can assist in procuring various accessories required for bucket elevators. Please feel free to inquire about pricing.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need further assistance.



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