How to install and fix gear rack


How to install the rack?

Today, I will tell you two common installation and connection methods, namely, the rack quick installation method and the rack punching installation method, for reference.

Rack installation and connection instructions:

In order to install the spliced rack more smoothly, the end faces of both ends of the standard rack will be processed into half-tooth bottom teeth with negative tolerance, so as to facilitate the connection with the half-tooth bottom of the next rack to form a full-tooth bottom. , the rack is infinitely extended by splicing.

When installing the rack, pre-drill mounting holes on the tooth profile angle. Drill holes are required when assembling. You can also add more holes. The installation screws need to be locked with a torque wrench and the table, and the hexagon socket screws are fixed with a torque of 12.9. For 0.5M long racks, dowel pins must be used. If it is used in a paired rack with high load, it is recommended to check the connection reaction under load.


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